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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vegetarian Have Better Sex

PETA’s most recent banned Super Bowl advertisement suggests, as do many other advertisements today, that the only thing on our minds is sex, sex, sex. In the ad, a group of attractive, lingerie-wearing women pose provocatively and erotically with…vegetables. PETA is trying to appeal to even the staunchest of meat-eaters (this ad, though, is aimed primarily at men) by promising improved sexuality, something a lot of people would probably make sacrifices to achieve. PETA, as well as other vegetarian and vegan proponents, are constantly reiterating that studies have shown that the consumption of too much meat can lead to problems with impotence. Rather than strive for the a pathological response by displaying the suffering of animals, PETA opts for a more popular, personal concern: sex life. The women in the video seem to be having a pretty good time, but they are doing so alone. It is almost as though PETA is promising us that if we go vegetarian we may be able to join these girls in their rollicking. They are advertising vegetarianism as a signifier of sex.

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