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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Advertisement analysis

The advertisement I have chosen is an advertisement for emerald jewelry made with stones that were manufactured in a lab. The first thing one notices when looking at this add is the enlarged photo of the emerald ring set around some diamonds. The size of the picture draws attention to the glamour owning such a piece. The sparkle of the gems on the ring gives it a sense of sophistication. The ring appears to give the owner a higher social status. Owning this ring allows you to gaze above the common man.

The biggest word type is the phrase “Going “Green” Just Got More Glamorous.” The word green reemphasizes the quality of the emerald while playing on one of the issues of today, the issue of environmentalism. While this add has absolutely nothing to do with the environment, the concept of environmentalism would draw in some people.

The context of this advertisement is National Review. The audience of this publication tends to be somewhat educated, conservative, and male. The advertisement itself is almost written like an article, extolling the various virtues of the stone and the process by which it was made. The literature brings up varying examples throughout world history that an educated person would understand. The literature associated with this advertisement would not work in something like Sports Illustrated. Conservatives tend to be more money conscious, so the effect of slashing out the original price and giving a substantially lower price would appeal to a conservative.
This advertisement appears to be sending a glamorous message that can be had at a discount. the words at the bottom are "Smart Luxuries-Surprising Prices." So not only can you be sophisticated while purchasing this for a loved one, you can also feel smart that you have bargained well and saved money in the process.

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