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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hints at Corruption in Ivy Day

One interaction that I found particularly interesting in Ivy Day was the discourse in lines 307-321. This somewhat humorous set of dialogue is brought on when Mr. Henchy suggests that maybe he should try to become one of the City Fathers. Mr. Henchy continues the absurdity as he details how he would depart from the mayor’s residence dressed in all his fine, official attire. He grants positions to his friends (315-317). Even the possibly disgraced Father Keon is granted a position as Mr. Henchy’s private chaplain (318). Mr. Henchy says that “We’ll have a family party” (319). The conversation here is one that is held in many parts of the world during election season. Many people either genuinely aspire or jokingly aspire to hold office. Joyce also hints at political corruption in this section. Mr. Henchy wanting to have a “family party” in line 319 shows that the characters think that their officials seem to appoint their good friends to various political and support positions, whether they are qualified or not. The vermin that Mr. Henchy refers to in line 315 could refer to the official garb of the mayor as the footnote states, but it could also refer possibly to some other fine article of clothing, such as a fur coat, hinting that bribes and political favors are passed between the officials and their friends and supporters.

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