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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eat like an NBA All-Star

The McDonalds commercial featuring NBA superstars, Lebron James and Dwight Howard is a remake of the classic commercial featuring current NBA Hall of Fame members, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. The commercial works in two ways: the first is giving exposure to the two superstars in a year where the NBA has been doing extremely well as far as profits are concerned and the second is McDonalds’ use of the superstars as a way to gain profit. McDonalds use of Lebron James and Dwight Howard is marketing genius because anyone who watches basketball knows these two and that includes kids, adults, men and women. For those who may not be familiar with these two are sure to know Larry Bird who has a small part in the commercial to remind the audience that he was the original person who did the commercial. By showing these to all-star athletes eating McDonalds products it says to the fans, “If you eat McDonalds food, you can be like Dwight Howard or Lebron James.”

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