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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Analysis of Coors Light Advertisement

In a recent issue of The Advocate, there appeared an advertisement for Coors Light (attached). This ad, though it fit tends to follow the basic advertising norms for alcoholic beverages, takes a slightly different turn. The bottle is set before a snow-peaked, mountain landscape; however, the viewer is immediately drawn to the text, "EQUALITY IS REFRESHING." This might seem odd at first, but there is a plug at the bottom left from the Human Rights Campaign, which details that Coors Brewing Co. is considered one of the best gay-friendly employers.
First of all, this ad is intended to appeal to the gay and lesbian readers of the magazine. But, it also brings about another viewpoint that Coors Light is a beer for everyone, that can be enjoyed by all social classes and sexual orientations. This is intriguing because most people tend to associate the beer with a blue-collar audience, based on other commercial advertisements that are found within everyday media. Now, Coors is saying that it supports equality, appealing to the need of consumers to belong to a larger group within the American population, based on observations be Tocqueville. It seems to defy its normal stereotype to appeal to the homosexual audience, again playing on peoples' need for validation through belonging.

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