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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Axe Effects: Enticement to Sin by Eric Vaughn

This AXE effect ad is geared most likely towards teenage and college level males. There is a sleek black spray can of deodorant glistening with white streaks from shining light in the bottom right corner of the picture providing an appealing and cool looking container. But more importantly is the picture itself. The picture has been adjusted to just black and white as is a nun’s wardrobe. This suggest the black and white nature of sin vs righteousness that has been associated with color. The nun herself has white on the interior and exterior of her character but a black layer lines the middle suggesting a layer of sin amidst the struggle for righteousness. Her cross is also barely even present in the picture. The cross is simply showing enough so that a viewer can tell it is present but nothing more. Almost as though there is deliberation to wether the ideology of christian purity will stay or go. She also wears a plug to cover her nose thus preventing her from smelling the tempting deodorant that would cause her to sin as the axe commercials promote. The add implies that if you wear this deodorant even a nun will have a hard time resisting you. Since most of the population is not composed of nun’s other women will definitely not be able to resist and young males will be surrounded by lustful acts directed towards themselves.

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