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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nike Women's Ad Campaign

The Nike Women’s ad campaign is new. It is a completely new way of advertising. The advertisement that I found is titled “Thunder Thighs”. The advertisement is drastically different than the approach of advertisement companies in years past. In his essay Solomon talks about fear and assimilation being two of the main motivators that advertisers seek, but the Nike women’s advertisements strike a different nerve. The first line of the text on the ad is, “I have Thunder Thighs, and that’s a compliment.” The advertisement signifies that it is okay not to fit in anymore. It praises women for the bodies they already possess while still promoting the exercise equipment. The advertisement tells women that they do not have to fit in; it tells women that it is ok to share and be proud of their bodies. This is completely opposite of Solomon’s fear of rejection approach. In many women’s advertisement campaigns today we see tall, skinny, model women, but Nike is enforcing the idea that this is not normal. By focusing on normality Nike is supporting a whole new clientele. The average woman is now more inclined to appreciate Nike. We see normality not only in the “Thunder Thighs” image, but the relaxed language. With contractions, short, choppy, incomplete ideas and a hint of true pride, Nike is praising the average womanly figure.

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