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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Absolut World – Absolut Individuals

In a February addition of Rolling Stone magazine, this ad (as seen above) appeared for the Absolut brand vodka. Rolling Stone is a music-oriented magazine that attracts a wide demographic of teen-age boys and girls. With that said, this advertisement is targeting the adult demographic through images of sex, promiscuity, and even religion. Immediately the audience’s attention is brought towards this larger than life and very exotic woman. In fact, this woman is celebrity Kate Beckinsale, who after drinking her Mandrin Absolut Vodka is able to stand out above the city and society. This suggests that upon drinking such a sophisticated drink like Absolut, an individual will obtain a superiority never felt on the social level. In doing so, Absolut is using the image of this exotic woman to grab the attention of not only men, but also women. For men, the notion is that of temptation, as most men yearn for that beautiful girl. While for women it’s the insecure thought of self-image and wanting to obtain the perfect body. This woman, however, does not appear to be perfect. Coupled with the woman’s primitive yet exotic dress, she finds herself atop a mess of fruit in which she has been indulging. Here the audience finds religious undertones, with references to Eve, the Garden, and the forbidden fruit. Just as the woman fell victim to the ‘forbidden fruit of Absolut’, so to is the audience by being the target of sex and promiscuity. Thus, Absolut brand Vodka has taken the easy way out by using images of sex, temptation, and religion as a means to market their products. Ultimately leaving the audience to question, “In an Absolut World, am I an Absolut Individual?”

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