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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Semiotic Analysis of Crown Royal

Crown Royal is a higher quality brand of whiskey, made in Canada, and is definitely marketed to the upper classes of society. One such advertisement for this product is a picture of a tropical paradise with the blue ocean, blue sky with some white clouds, sunshine, a palm tree with its branches hanging low to provide shade, and a sandy beach. Nestled down in the sand with its name clearly showing is a 750 mL bottle of Crown Royal. The words “Paradise Found” are located on the upper right of the advertisement. This advertisement clearly targets the upper class by equating an expensive, high quality brand of whiskey to a tropical paradise by playing on the assumption that many wealthy consumers may have vacation homes or time shares in exotic locales other than their normal home. And for those who do not have time shares or vacation homes but still have a good deal of money, the ad equates the whiskey to this paradise. So if you cannot afford a literal tropical paradise, Crown Royal Whiskey is the next best thing. Why not treat yourself every now and then?

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