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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Advertisement analysis

In the 1960s, the cigarette company Muriel produced this advertisement for a type of their flavored cigarettes called Tipalets. The most apparent feature of this ad is the two people we are presented with. A man and a woman inhabit the space of the ad, with the man smoking the flavored cigarette. The woman occupies the most space, and one can make out her figure and features more easily than the man’s, as he almost has his back towards the audience. To grab attention, the woman is very beautiful, and the outfit she is dressed in is skimpy (for the time period), and one can make out that she is showing much cleavage. It is easy to see that this advertisement is attempting to appeal to male sexuality. When the phrase that is presented is read, is also becomes obvious that the company is attacking the insecurities of males in dealing with women. To Muriel, all a man needs is to blow the smoke from one of their cigarettes in the direction of a woman they desire and they have her. As Solomon would say, it plays into the fear of men not being able to find a woman, and all people feel as though they must find a significant other in order to complete their life, so it is also appealing to the desire to conform. With the male in the picture holding the cigarette, in tandem with the slogan, the cigarette becomes very phallic, and is pointed in the direction of the woman. It asserts the man’s dominance over the woman, and may even be hinting at where the man would desire the woman to follow him.


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