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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

John Sloop Article Review+Intended Questions

Mr. John Sloop's question and answer session was extremely informative that raised a lot of fascinating questions involving gender. However, I do wish that we had discussed some of the other topics that he had researched regarding the idea of queer kissing. The article begins that all kisses are a performance but I have a hard time believing that such is the case. He was very careful to state that he, himself, was the type of person that never had an answer. He says that he is the type of individual to raise many viable questions. But, to imagine all kissing as an act seems unrealistic. Cannot some forms of kissing be just a simple gesture of friendship and/or love? I feel like, in some instances, kisses can almost be an impulse. I do feel that there are much stronger opinions of gay kissing though. However, some of the most powerful examples of gay kissing have been through acting itself. He addressed that Saturday Night Live has done some skits with gay kissing but they have worn out their comedic affect. I wanted to ask him how much he felt those skits impacted gay kissing. Anytime people are exposed to something they are uncomfortable with, there is sometimes a tendency to become desensitized. I wondered how much these skits could have changed societies acceptance. Another issue I've always been fascinated with is society's general acceptance of female on female kissing versus male on male. I'm not sure how much of that perception is true, but just exploring the topic further is something I've always wanted to do.

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